Agile Remote Teams

Boost your remote team's efficiency and fun by adding agility to the team.



Building a TEAM means giving your team-members a common goal and creating alignment.

Through backlog-management and sprint goals, you can help your team to create this common goal. But also extra-work stuff like sharing the same passion for walks/books/social initiatives or maybe contributing to GitHub projects can add to team-spirit.

Agile events like Daily’s, Reviews, Retrospectives, Experimentation and Backlog Grooming help to align the team.


Make sure you always use the best possible technology to get your remote team closer to each other. Depending on what the team favours, provide hardware (e.g. Camera/Microphone/Lights/Smartboards) for video conferencing.

You will also need Software for project management, collaboration, Chats-functionality, Source- and Version Control.




Processes describe, how the team works and what needs to be done in terms of coordination.

Defining processes helps every team-member to find structure and comfort to work within and - if done well, it also enables everybody to be creative and work in a safe environment.

Servant Leadership

Any Project Manager, Scrum Master, Team Manager or Board Member that interacts with a development team, needs to become a Leader that serves the team and not the other way around. Servant Leadership combined with Self-Organization is best practice in an Agile environment and will support your remote team in the best possible way.

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