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Spending a lot of time with developers, I (Nadine) wanted to learn to code. So thanks to my great teacher Colt Steele , I am now a frontend developer in training . My first project has been this Website. Please find further training projects as follows.

Scrum on the Run - Beta

This App can help you to prepare for the final Scrum Master Exam. It simulates exam conditions. If you don't pass, read the Scrum Guide and try again... and again ...

Download my Scrum Training App Playstore and tell me what you think!

App Screenshot

Color picker game

Color Picker Game

This is an RGB color picker game made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery.

Try to guess the right color for the RGB Code shown above.

ToDo List

This is a very simmple but usefull To-Do-List. Your can add items, mark them done and also delete them from your list.

The list has been created using jQuery, Event-listeners and DOM manipulation.

ToDo List

Scrum Training

Meet me

New Management Practices (e.g DevOps or Agile) help to develop new innovations much faster and also contribute to a more satisfying work environment. My everyday goal is to inspire people to think ahead, embrace change and also create a better future for all of us.

Your can also meet me on LinkedIn or Xing.

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